passive aggression

Day 7 was a travel day, from one small town to another! We were heading off to Figueira Da Foz, a small surfing town. We got the recommendation for this town from a traveller Shan and Bea met two years ago when they first traveled Europe. She knew someone that ran a surfing school and we were going to get a sick deal. We were also recommended The Paintshop Hostel. Now when traveling between towns on buses is very exhausting and since we were up and at em at 5 am and arrived in Figueira Da Foz by 11:30 am we were super exhausted. When we made our reservation for our hostel there was no check in time, just times of when the office was open 8am-11pm. So we thought it would be fine for us to show up to the hostel at 11:30 am and check in. Boy we were wrong. First there was no lights on in the hostel but a sign saying open (if door locked please ring doorbell or call this number). No one answered after we rang the doorbell about twenty times and since we’re traveling we do not have working phones so we couldn’t call. We ended up going to a nearby cafe, got lunch and wifi. I was able to look up the check in time through the hostels website, 1 pm. We could waste an hour or so, so we waited and waited and waited. It was around 1:30 when we finally went back to the hostel to check if someone showed up. And still no one. We went to a nearby hair salon to ask if they had a phone or if they knew the owners of the hostel. They knew them and called them for us and no answer. We didn’t want to waste another day so we asked if there was anyway we could leave our bags there until we could check in. Thank god they said we could cause hauling around a large backpack with all your belongings in it plus a day pack is difficult and heavy. We did a little exploring for a couple of hours and did some grocery shopping. While we were exploring I got wifi and sent an email to the owners. It probably wasn’t the best thing, I was exhausted and getting pissed off so it was very passive aggressive. Which of course it was, I’m a very passive aggressive person. 

It was around 5 pm when we went back to check the hostel and we were finally able to check in. We got our bags and got settled into our room. We were the only people in the hostel and it was huge. We made dinner and we were going to watch a movie (since the hostels movie collection was HUGE) but one of the hostel employees was already watching tv and we didn’t want to ask him to move. We did get free popcorn and we had a great chat in our room plus we went to bed pretty early. 


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