beach day

Day 5 was relax day. After the events of the previous day we needed this. Since Nazare we a beach town and our hostel was a five minute walk to the beach we decided to get our tans on. Nazare is also a big surfing town, with its beachs having some of the largest waves. This meant we were not going into the water. We lathered on our sunscreen, got some beers and our books and headed to the beach. 

Due to the large waves and strong current in Nazare the beach is disappearing so sand is brought to the beach and pushed towards the water by bulldozers. We learned this when we were well into relaxing and three bulldozers were right beside our tanning zone. We did a quick move and onward with relaxation!!! By noon we got a little restless and decided to head back to the hostel for showers and a quick siesta. 
After our snooze we decided to go out for drinks and to pick up supplies for dinner. Since we our traveling for three months we need to save every penny so making dinner is something we need to get use to. Also one of my travel pals wasn’t feeling well (we later learned it was an inner ear infection) so she skipped out on the drinks. When our for drinks we may have had more drinks than we should have, watched the sunset and arrived at a grocery store after it closed. 

So we hit up our favourite joint Mooo burger (I got the same burger as the night before). It wasn’t until later that evening that me and my friend realized how burnt we were. Both of our backs, butts and thighs were bright red. We screwed up, like seriously screwed up. 


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