jet lag

Day 2 was a whirlwind kind of day. First we switched hostels because our first hostel was so small and smelt like mold. We then went to the wrong hostel because we go drunk the night before and forgot we booked a different hostel. Great. When we finally got checked in and finally walked up the ginormous hill to our hostel, we went grocery shopping and walked around the ‘hospital’ neighbourhood. When we were in our rooms we tried to figure out a plan for our next couple of days, which turned into a ‘quick’ one hour nap that actually lasted three and a half hours… nice. At this point we woke up around 6, met up with a friend from home and decided to do a pub crawl (probably wasn’t the smartest idea especially since we were all so exhausted). A fun fact for you all a bottle of wine here costs 1.99€ A WHOLE BOTTLE OF WINE. So wine will be my drink of choice this trip. The pub crawl was lots of fun and we met some amazing people and some great Canadians! Started at 10 pm and got back to the hostel and into bed at 6:30 am! I feel like sleeping all day and staying up all night will be a reacurring thing for us… haha oh well


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